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Conchita Suarez
Senior Student Services Representative

Conchita is a member of the student services team at UBC Extended Learning (ExL). Learners of all ages rely on Conchita and the team to help them choose the most appropriate program or course based on their unique needs and goals. Her experience working with the programs at ExL also allows her to contribute to course creation, planning, organizing and information sharing. Conchita is committed to providing exceptional advisory services that help people become successful lifelong learners.

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Caitlin Sullivan
Caitlin Sullivan, BS, MA

Caitlin plans, implements and evaluates integrated marketing campaigns for UBC Extended Learning’s (ExL) languages, writing, English communications skills and Amazon Web Services programs. She collaborates with program teams on strategic and campaign plans, and provides marketing insights to inform program planning.

With a background in mathematics, education, digital marketing and analytics, Caitlin also plays a key role in administering the marketing team’s project management application. Caitlin is committed to delivering campaigns that inspire learners of any age to pursue education.

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Jason Sum
Registration Systems Specialist

Jason is responsible for the administration, maintenance and financial analysis for a range of registration and payment systems used by UBC Extended Learning (ExL), including online payment tools, student registration system, payment processing for the Vancouver Summer Program and financial management system live data entry. He is ExL’s resident office ergonomics representative.

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Brian Taguchi
Brian Taguchi, BSc (Hons), BTeach, PCC

Brian leads and manages the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching program at UBC Extended Learning, as well as the delivery of coach training modules customized to internal clients at UBC. He hires, trains and coordinates a team of UBC Mentor Coaches, onsite facilitators and online moderators who support organizational coaching programs. In partnership with UBC Coaching Services, Brian designs and iterates program material and content to meet emerging needs in the coach training marketplace, and explores new initiatives within UBC and for industry.

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Cynthia Tam
Cynthia Tam, BA
Senior Program Assistant

Cynthia works with Career and Professional Programs leaders to coordinate and deliver online and in-person programs. She provides administrative and communications support for the instructional team and for students, with an eye to streamlining processes and policies to effectively deliver Extended Learning programming. With more than 15 years’ experience in adult education and administration, Cynthia has a service-oriented mindset and is focused on meeting learners’ needs.

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Rose Tang
Student Services Representative

In her role at UBC Extended Learning (ExL), Rose provides a high level of customer service and administrative support to mid-career learners. With her background in business administration and tourism, she helps advise students on course and program choices and assists with registration. Rose liaises with program teams and student services team members, and supports students throughout their learning journey with ExL.

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Kim Dudra
Kimberly Whidden, BCom

Kim works with the UBC Extended Learning (ExL) marketing team to create campaigns and content strategies that help ExL and faculty partners achieve their enrolment and business objectives. Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in marketing communications, Kim crafts engaging, persuasive and accessible copy across all marketing and media channels. She’s also responsible for creating and executing content marketing plans with a focus on improving ExL content, processes and practices.

Kim is a past mentor in the UBC Communicators Network, has won several continuing education marketing awards, and has presented at industry conferences and numerous workshops.

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Mark Wisniewski
Mark Wisniewski, MA

Mark coordinates the development and delivery of online and on-campus courses for UBC Future Global Leaders and UBC Academic Explorations. Mark’s background in international education includes teaching and developing courses for secondary school to pre-graduate level students. His graduate degree in Asian studies and a certificate in intercultural studies, along with extensive travel throughout Asia and published writing on international culture, all contribute and inform his work with students around the world. Mark is always looking for ways to improve programs to benefit staff and learners alike.

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Emily Wu
Emily Wu, MA, CPCC, PCC

Emily manages the design, development and delivery of Extended Learning (ExL)’s professional programs. She works closely with ExL teams, UBC Faculty and external partners to create policies, systems and organizational practices that support the delivery of programs including data science, cloud computing, extended reality, Python and Indigenous health. Emily brings more than 15 years’ experience in program management and educational technology to her role. She’s committed to advancing flexible and innovative teaching and learning practices that are accessible to adult learners, and support them in their career and professional transitions. A certified professional coach, Emily is a member of Coaching at UBC, a program that offers one-on-one and group coaching services to Faculty and staff. Emily is on leave until 2023.

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Angela Wu
Research Analyst, Academic Services

Angela conducts and synthesizes primary and secondary market research that informs program design and decision-making at UBC Extended Learning (ExL). The scope of her research includes reviewing comparator programs, macro-environmental trends, labour market analytics, and survey deployment and analysis.

Angela brings more than 20 years combined strategic planning, sales, marketing and industry relations experience to her role. A self-described curious critical thinker, she has a strong drive to understand how and why people make the decisions they do. Angela aspires to enrich and expand access to higher education and lifelong learning opportunities and make our communities better places.

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Joseph Xiao

As a member of the Extended Learning (ExL) marketing team, Joseph develops and maintains the content and infrastructure of the ExL website. He works with ExL contributors, IT staff and UBC Web Services to keep the site up-to-date, monitor site health, and identify and troubleshoot issues. Solutions-driven and creative, Joseph brings four years of front-end development and responsive design experience to his role, and is always keen to learn more.

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