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Larry Bouthillier, MS

As Executive Director, Larry provides leadership for Extended Learning’s (ExL) strategy, planning and budgeting. He ensures ExL’s operations, processes, policies and technologies are aligned with its vision, and support learners’ lifelong educational needs. Larry liaises with a broad range of faculties and units to advance outstanding career and personal education opportunities, with a mandate to help strengthen UBC’s contributions to the wellbeing of members of our local and global communities.

Before joining ExL, Larry spent 23 years in software development, educational technology and online learning leadership roles at Harvard, where he continues to teach computer science. Most recently, he was Senior Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at Brown University, and a founder of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at New England Institute of Technology. His own early career experiences and a Harvard Extension School certificate program sparked a lifelong interest in the transformational effects of continuing education for adult learners.

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Don Black, MA

Don provides leadership for UBC Extended Learning’s (ExL) non-credit personal education programs that meet the needs of learners, from high school students to seniors. Programs under his direction include UBC Future Global Leaders, One Day @ UBC, UBC Elder Scholar and university preparation programs. Don is a member of the ExL Management Team, and connects with faculties and units across campus. He collaborates with professors, instructors and graduate students to provide our communities access to UBC academic, teaching and research excellence. Before joining UBC, Don spent much of his career in open and lifelong learning. He honed his teaching, research, strategic planning, marketing, and program development skills with organizations like the Open Learning Agency, The Laurier Institution and VANOC.

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Tea Inkinen
Manager, Student Services

Tea oversees the operation of Extended Learning student services. She evaluates, develops and delivers services that support student learning and help ExL and UBC achieve the University’s strategic objectives. Collaborating as a member of the ExL Management Team and with program leads, Tea helps create procedures and prioritizes resources to ensure ExL meets the needs of its students, programs and initiatives. With close to 20 years’ experience with student services at UBC, Tea believes in the pursuit of quality, excellence and continuous improvement in all activities.

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Billy Jong, CPA, CGA

Billy oversees budgeting, forecasting and modelling and leads Extended Learning’s finance staff. He is a member of the Extended Learning Management Team and VP Academic finance team, and collaborates with UBC faculties’ finance directors and administrators to develop viable career and professional education programs. With a background in teaching, and the retail, software, manufacturing and non-profit sectors, Billy offers a broad perspective on strategic planning. He’s a problem solver who loves to figure out how things work. He’s a member of the Network of University Business Officers, and is UBC’s resident user expert for Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management software.

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Denise Lauritano, MEd

Denise oversees and directs Extended Learning’s operations and is a member of the Extended Learning Management Team. She strategizes, implements and coordinates activities that focus on continual improvement. She brings skills in market analysis, market research and business intelligence to her role, as well as more than 20 years’ experience in strategic planning, program development and quality assurance. A member of the Society for College and University Planning, Denise looks to disruptors in higher education for innovative ideas and lessons she can apply to continuing education and lifelong learning.

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Tanya Reid

Tanya manages Extended Learning’s marketing team with an eye to achieving business objectives through the intersection of customer experience, marketing, technology and data. As the co-lead of ExL’s Program Development Unit (PDU), she collaborates with program directors and UBC faculty to develop programs and marketing strategies for career and personal education learners. She assists in the planning and administration of the Online Learning Advancement Fund, and is a member of the ExL Management Team, ExL Learning Technology Group, IT Governance Group and the UBC Brand Leadership Council. In her 25 years as a professional marketer both in Canada and the UK, she has worked in direct response marketing and advertising with clients like TELUS, British Telecom and Easter Seals.

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Karen Rolston, MA, COC

Karen oversees the development and delivery of UBC Extended Learning’s (ExL) educational offerings for mid-career learners. She focuses on creating valuable, meaningful educational opportunities that support and enrich people’s careers and professional transitions. A member of the ExL Management Team, she works with ExL’s educational programmers, and liaises with community and campus partners to develop online and on-campus programs that are relevant, flexible and accessible. Karen is passionate about creating inclusive, thriving, engaged and respectful workplaces, and enjoys exploring those themes at ExL, and with staff and faculty across UBC as a certified internal organizational coach with Coaching @ UBC.

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Andrew Scales, MA

Andrew provides strategic direction and oversight of the UBC English Language Institute (ELI), and is a member of the Extended Learning Management Team. An applied linguist and an expert in the English language teaching industry, Andrew focuses on quality enhancement and new programs at the ELI, as well as professional development programs for international English teachers through the ELI and the UBC Faculty of Education. He aspires to enable people from different cultures to create community through a common language, and is currently exploring the potential of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in language education.

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Anne-Rae Vasquez

Anne-Rae collaborates with central UBC units, faculties and UBC Extended Learning (ExL) to help develop plans that support career and personal education programs. She applies market research, business considerations and pedagogy to bring learning opportunities to the communities we serve. Anne-Rae is a member of the ExL Management Team, and helps plan and administer the Online Learning Advancement Fund. She is a solutions-focused, team-oriented leader with more than a decade of broad-based and technical experience in strategic planning, design, development, delivery and support of teaching and learning in fully online, hybrid and open modalities.

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Pamela Voigt

Pam manages and supports a team of Extended Learning administrative staff that span finance, HR, student services and the English Language Institute’s socio-cultural and homestay programs. In her role, Pam develops and implements administrative practices and procedures that drive program innovation and streamline business functions and processes. A member of the ExL Management Team, she has more than seven years’ management and operational experience at UBC, and most recently directed a department of 350+ unionized staff and led the operations of 250 buildings on campus. With her background in theatre and arts, Pam uses her creativity and visual communications to motivate, inspire and instill pride in her coworkers.

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Jarrad Wiens

Jarrad provides operational and strategic leadership of the administrative functions for UBC Extended Learning, including HR, finance, health and safety, site operations, facility management, information systems, communications, planning, policy development and special projects. He develops and implements administrative practices and procedures that drive program innovation and streamline business functions and processes. Jarrad is covering for Pam Voigt who is on leave.

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