Online Learning Advancement Fund

Supporting career and personal growth through online cohort learning

The Online Learning Advancement Fund (OLAF) was established in 2019 to support the development of online cohort-based learning opportunities, either credit or non-credit. Modelled after the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, OLAF was launched as part of the University’s commitment to transformative learning set out in the UBC strategic plan.

The Office of the Provost, UBC Vancouver is committing annual funding to create, renew and expand online program offerings that support the career and personal growth of a diverse group of learners. Online cohort learning is not only flexible and practical for non-degree learners, as well as degree learners, but provides students peer support and engagement.

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Proposal Support and Questions

We have scheduled an information, as well as consultation sessions to help prospective proponents with their Letter of Intent Submissions. Please sign up to the OLAF newsletter to be notified of these dates and how to register.

UBC has convened an expert group of online learning practitioners from across campus to advise, support and guide the deployment of high-quality online learning opportunities. These representatives assist with adjudication and proposal development for projects submitted to OLAF.

You can browse our frequently asked questions about eligibility, proposal development, available support and more.