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Get an edge in British Columbia and Canada’s fast-evolving workplaces with a balance of applied technical skills and transferrable career skills like critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Our technology courses and programs are created and delivered by experts and innovators from UBC Faculties, industry and educational partners.

Gain a holistic, non-technical understanding of the ever-changing world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs. Get ahead of cyber risks with robust cybersecurity policies and plans. Transform your organization with a well-thought-out cloud migration strategy, or position yourself to earn an industry-leading AWS Cloud certification, in our cloud computing courses and programs.

Get hands-on skills in extended reality (XR) to build immersive technologies, or gain practical programming skills focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unlock career opportunities in data science, or learn how to code small, well-documented programs in Python.

Courses and Programs


Introduction to Systematic Program Design in Python

Learn programming online using Python. These beginner programming courses teach you how to code small, well-documented programs, and offer skills you can use for any programming language. LEARN MORE

Key Capabilities in Data Science

UBC Certificate Program
Come away from this certificate program with a solid understanding of data science principles, hands-on data experience through projects, and essential job-ready skills. LEARN MORE

UBC Micro-certificate in Artificial Intelligence Cloud Solutions Strategy

Take a deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cloud services and learn how it can give your organization a competitive edge by using automation, not only to manage data but, to improve workflows, customer service, cost-savings and systems management. LEARN MORE

UBC Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation

Gain the skills and know-how to identify and evaluate blockchain opportunities, guide strategy and implement solutions. 100% online, part-time. LEARN MORE

UBC Micro-certificate in Cloud Transformation and Technology Infrastructure Strategy

This part-time technical and business-oriented program provides you a cloud transformation playbook, and the ability to critically review your technology implementation. LEARN MORE

UBC Micro-certificate in Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Management

Get ahead of cyber risks in your organization. Gain skills and strategies to create robust cybersecurity and risk management plans. LEARN MORE