Two people in a server room.

The boom in technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, automation and the internet of things is creating an insatiable demand for workers with these hard skills across virtually every industry.

Our courses and programs offer job-ready skills and real-world experience that employers need the most. Unlock opportunities in data science, master the skills for a career in the cloud, champion blockchain with confidence, or gain the foundations of software development you can apply to any computer language.

Courses and Programs


Foundations of Software Development

Software development skills are vital to the modern economy. Understanding approaches to design and development require a blend of science, technical skills, engineering practice, and teamwork. This program provides you with the foundation in all those areas to begin building a career as a software developer. LEARN MORE

Introduction to Systematic Program Design in Python

Understand how to use proven systematic approaches in programming to write Python code. Learn how to write small, organized, well-documented and well-tested programs. LEARN MORE

Key Capabilities in Data Science

Come away from this program with a solid understanding of data science principles, hands-on data experience through projects, and essential job ready skills. LEARN MORE

UBC Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation

Gain the skills and know-how to identify and evaluate blockchain opportunities, guide strategy and implement solutions. 100% online, part-time, instructor-supported with real-time classes. LEARN MORE