Professional and Personal Writing

Improve your writing skills in more than 20 professional and personal online writing courses, taught by experienced writers, journalists, authors and educators. Boost your confidence in your writing, write more effectively and efficiently, find new ways to express yourself, or explore new career possibilities. 

We’ve grouped our writing courses together to provide you some wayfinding. These groupings are suggestions only. Many of our courses can benefit a wide range of professional and personal writing endeavours and experience levels. We also offer two micro-certificates – Writing and Communication Skills in the Workplace and Writing Skills for Digital Content – with five different streams so you can focus on the writing goals and skills that matter to you. 

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Foundation Courses / Writing Well Series:

Copyediting and Proofreading | Grammar | Plain LanguageStyle | Advanced Style | Storytelling

Consider these courses the nuts and bolts of your writing practice. Learn to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, refine and elevate your own and others’ writing, and build foundational skills you can apply to your job, personal writing or future writing courses.

Writing and Communicating in the Workplace:

Storytelling for Organizations | Write and Deliver Effective Presentations and Briefs | Writing Well for Business

If you write or present regularly as part of your job, these courses are for you. Learn how to write informatively, concisely and precisely, deliver your message effectively and persuasively, and tap into the power of stories.

Freelance Writing, Self-Expression and Self-Publication:

Capturing Family Histories and Personal Stories | Food and Travel Writing | Freelance Writing: Interviewing | Freelance Writing: Introduction | Self-Publish, Brand and Market Your Book 

Do you want to launch a passion project, express your ideas, or explore your creative side? Do you work in a role that requires journalism skills, or would like to pursue a career in writing? These courses give you the skills and guidance to publish your work, whether for a magazine, website or a book. Learn how to interview subjects, captivate readers and share stories and perspectives.

Writing Skills for Marketing: 

Copyediting and Proofreading | Copywriting | Web Content Strategy | Writing for Content Marketing | Writing for the Web and Digital Media

If you’re a marketing or communications professional, want to position yourself for a new role, or are considering freelance or contract writing, our copywriting, content writing and web writing courses offer indispensable skills found in a wide variety of job descriptions.  

Courses and Programs


Writing and Communication Skills for the Workplace

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Build writing and communication skills that are transferable to any role or task and that will help enhance and grow your career. LEARN MORE

Writing Skills for Digital Content

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Build essential skills in producing and managing web and digital content whether you are in a marketing role or working as a freelancer. LEARN MORE