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"The depth to which Jennifer broke down each topic floored me. She generously shares her experiences from her career, and her warm personality shines through her notes. Jennifer is enthusiastic, responsive, and above all, supportive."

Kim Whidden, Freelance Writing Student

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Gain new writing, editing and storytelling skills to create content for workplace communications, magazine and newspaper articles, blog posts or digital media. Learn how to write clearly, effectively and well to engage your audiences, share your stories and achieve your communication goals.

Whether you want to feel confident when you write — or to make a career out of writing — you’ll find a wide range of online writing courses to meet your needs at UBC Extended Learning.

Our engaging teachers are professional writers experienced in adult education. They offer support, guidance and encouragement to help you become the writer you want to be.

Foundation Courses

Grammar and style are the building blocks of writing. If you find writing intimidating or challenging, or want to feel more confident and inspired when writing or revising, our online courses in grammar, style and writing process are the perfect place to start.

Writing for Business

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of clear, concise and correct writing, you’re ready to write with purpose for specific audiences. Learn how to take on more complex writing tasks in our online Writing Well for Business courses.

Career and Freelance Writing

You have a penchant and passion for writing. You know you can make a career from your talents, whether as a copywriter, editor, content writer, blogger or freelance writer. We’ll help you get there with online courses in freelance writing, copywriting, content marketing, blog writing and food and travel writing.

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