Health and Medicine

We collaborate with UBC Faculties to deliver innovative courses and programs in health administration, regulatory affairs and science communication. Gain skills and knowledge you can apply to your role, or to position yourself to pursue further educational opportunities.

Our programs include the UBC Certificate in Biomedical Visualization and Communication, the UBC Certificate in Indigenous Health Administration and Leadership and the UBC Micro-certificate in Regulatory Affairs in the Life Sciences.

Courses and Programs



Biomedical Visualization and Communication

UBC Certificate Program
Transform complex biomedical concepts into information diverse audiences can understand with a blend of skills in art, science and communication. LEARN MORE

Health Data Analytics: Opportunities and Applications

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Data analytics is a growth area within the health sector. Health systems worldwide are investing in data analytics infrastructure to enable service delivery improvements and increase efficiencies. Capitalizing on the potential of these innovations will require raising the level of data literacy and analytic... LEARN MORE

Indigenous Health Administration and Leadership

UBC Certificate Program
Increase your skills and capacity to lead and deliver Indigenous health and wellness services and programming. LEARN MORE

Regulatory Affairs in the Life Sciences

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Gain highly sought-after skills in regulatory affairs, regulatory science and health economics to help bring new health products to market efficiently and safely. LEARN MORE