American Sign Language


The Accessible Canada Act recognizes American Sign Language (ASL), la langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) and Indigenous Sign Languages (ISL) as the primary languages of Deaf people in Canada. ASL is the predominant language used in North America by half a million Deaf and hard of hearing people. A complete visual language with unique grammar and sentence structures, ASL is made up of handshapes, facial expressions, head and body movements, and postures.

From American Sign Language Beginner 1, you’ll find yourself in a Deaf-centric, signing-only environment with no spoken English. Our supportive Deaf and DeafBlind instructors use ASL, gestures, facial expressions, slides, and occasional written English to help you learn ASL.

As you progress through course levels, you’re introduced to the richness of Deaf culture and practices. Learn about the lived experiences and perspectives of Deaf and hard of hearing people, and find out how to communicate appropriately and respectfully. In doing so, you’ll create connections, bridge cultures and help foster inclusion in your personal and professional life.

If you have previous experience in ASL, please contact us to discuss which level would be best suited to you.

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