Pre-University for High School Students

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Explore our courses and programs that prepare you for university and beyond. Get insights into your academic and career interests and options, and gain communication, technical and leadership skills you can use at university and in your life. Improve your chances of getting into the university and career of your choice.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Abnormal Psychology (SA315)   
Academic Skills for University Success (SG102)   
AI in Action: Ethics, Innovation and Application (SA110)    
Artificial Intelligence and Society: The Impact of Machine Learning Systems (SA019)   
Business and Social Impact (SO202)   
Business and Social Impact (SA202)   
Centre for Digital Media Game Design Bootcamp (SA032)   
Centre for Digital Media Mini School (SA111)   
Crime and Society: Contemporary Topics (SA016)   
Digital Media and Entrepreneurship (SA200)   
Forensic Anthropology: Identifying the Dead (SA006)   
Foundations and Frontiers of Biological Science (SA107)   
Getting Dressed: The Sociology of Adornment (SA405)   
Health Psychology: The Intersection of Psychology and Medicine (SA003)   
International Finance and Global Politics (SA038)    
International Finance and Global Politics (SA203)   
Introduction to Business Foundations (SA201)   
Introduction to Business Foundations (SO201)   
Introduction to Data Analysis and Visualization (SO105)   
Introduction to Development Economics (SA204)   
Introduction to Engineering (SA102)   
Introduction to Engineering (SO102)   
Introduction to Machine Learning (SO104)    
Introduction to Philosophy (SO401)   
Introduction to Psychology (SA312)   
Introduction to Psychology (SO301)   
Introduction to the Global Political Economy (SA020)   
Introduction to Video Game Design (SO106)   
Medical Anthropology: Contemporary Topics (SA313)   
Medical Anthropology: Contemporary Topics (SO303)   
Relationship Science: Understanding Close Relationships (SA018)   
Social Media and Digital Authorship (SA031)   
Student Well-Being, Mental Health and Resiliency (SG103)   
The Origins of International Criminal Law (SO020)   
The Politics of Terrorism (SA037)   
The Social Science of Creativity (SA034)   
UBC Future Global Leaders On-Campus Summer Program – Free Online Information Session (SA900)   
UBC Sauder Mini Business School (SA205)   
Writing Effective University Applications (SG101)   


UBC Future Global Leaders

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University Applications and Skills

Gain academic skills and strategies you can use today to get into your top-choice university, and succeed once you’re there. LEARN MORE