Courses and Programs


Course Name
Biomedical Visualization and Communication Information Session (GA001)   
Capturing Family Histories and Personal Stories (WG406)   
Copyediting and Proofreading: Introduction (WG301)   
Copywriting: Introduction (WG302)   
Data Design - Presenting Clear and Effective Numbers, Tables and Charts (WG209)   
Document Design - Creating Clear and Effective Documents (WG208)   
Final Group Project (GA015)   
Food and Travel Writing (WG403)   
Foundations in Biomedical Visualization - Seeing, Listening, Communicating (GA011)   
Foundations of Human Structure and Function (GA013)   
Freelance Writing: Interviewing (WG402)   
Freelance Writing: Introduction (WG401)   
Freelance Writing: Non-Fiction Workshop (WG405)   
Managing Creativity (GA012)   
Professional and Personal Writing - Online Information Session (WG800)   
Self-Publish, Brand and Market Your Book (WG407)   
Storytelling for Organizations (WG205)   
Structural Editing: The Basics (WG207)   
Web Content Strategy: Planning, Producing and Managing Website Content (WG305)   
Write and Deliver Effective Presentations and Briefs (WG206)   
Writing for Content Marketing (WG303)   
Writing for the Web and Digital Media (WG304)   
Writing Well for Business (WG202)   
Writing Well for Business: Advanced Topics (WG203)   
Writing Well: Advanced Grammar (WG105)   
Writing Well: Advanced Style (WG103)   
Writing Well: Grammar (WG101)   
Writing Well: Plain Language (WG204)   
Writing Well: Storytelling (WG104)   
Writing Well: Style (WG102)   


Biomedical Visualization and Communication

UBC Certificate Program
Transform complex biomedical concepts into information diverse audiences can understand with a blend of skills in art, science and communication. LEARN MORE

Writing and Communication Skills for the Workplace

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Build writing and communication skills that are transferable to any role or task and that will help enhance and grow your career. LEARN MORE

Writing Skills for Digital Content

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Build essential skills in producing and managing web and digital content whether you are in a marketing role or working as a freelancer. LEARN MORE