American Sign Language

If you live or work with someone who is Deaf or with the Deaf community, learning sign language can help you create connections, bridge cultures and foster inclusivity.

Our courses teach you American Sign Language (ASL), the predominant sign language used by half a million North Americans. Understand how to use your hands, face and body to communicate, and be immersed in Deaf culture. Our instructors are native signers who use gestures, facial expressions – and even humour – to help you communicate confidently and comfortably.

Students in our classes have included counsellors, educators, human resources professionals, healthcare workers, first responders, artists and designers, and parks and recreation program coordinators. Some of our students have friends and family members who are Deaf, and some come to us for the simple joy of learning a new skill.

If you have previous experience in ASL, feel free to contact us to discuss which level would be best suited to you.

Courses and Programs


American Sign Language

UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in American Sign Language (ASL) develops your fluency in the predominate sign language used by half a million North Americans. LEARN MORE