Diversity and Inclusion

UBC Micro-certificate Program

"Representation is a critical way for people to recognize that their experiences—even if invisible in the mainstream—are valid."

Samra Habib
Pakistani Canadian photographer, writer and activist

Most organizations have accepted diversity as necessary for a thriving workplace, but without the full integration and operationalization of an inclusion framework that fosters respect and belonging, these efforts often disappoint. 

The UBC Micro-certificate in Diversity and Inclusion is a part-time program designed for people who are committed to building environments where everyone’s thoughts, ideas and perspectives matter. Learn how to build inclusive practices within organizational or community settings by examining who you and your organization are, where you’ve been and where you want to go. 

  • Program Format: Can be completed 100% online
  • Duration: Complete 120 hours of course work in approximately 6-12 months, or take up to two years. Requires completion of one required course and two elective courses. 
  • Cost: From $3,175 to $3,925, including a non-refundable application fee
  • Applications accepted any time

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