Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion

Communicating across cultures has become an essential skill in the 21st century, one that will increase your effectiveness whether you are working with international clients, undertaking international development projects in the field, managing diverse teams or implementing inclusive practices in your community or organization.

Our courses and programs in intercultural studies and international development provide you with effective intercultural communication skills, strategies and tools to work with, train, and lead diverse people in various contexts.

Courses and Programs



Diversity and Inclusion

UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion is a new part-time program designed for people seeking to build inclusive practices within organizational or community settings. LEARN MORE

Intercultural Communication

UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Intercultural Communication is an innovative part-time career development program that enables you to work effectively in international and/or multicultural settings. LEARN MORE

Intercultural Studies

UBC Certificate Program
The award-winning UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies is a part-time career development program that gives you the tools to work effectively in international and multicultural settings. LEARN MORE

International Development

UBC Certificate Program
The part-time UBC Certificate in International Development (CID) meets the growing need for trained professionals with knowledge of and skills in international development issues. LEARN MORE

Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream

UBC Certificate Program
Designed for UBC managers, the part-time Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream gives participants the opportunity to complete both the Managing@UBC program and UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies. LEARN MORE