Throughout the world, French is a key language in government, business, international development, and diplomacy. It is not only one of Canada's official languages, but is the official language of organizations like Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and the UN.

Learn to speak French in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere from passionate and experienced instructors.

From the very first session, class time focuses on building confidence in your French language skills through speaking and interacting with your classmates in authentic and realistic scenarios. Between classes, you can practise your skills using online resources chosen by your instructor to complement your in-class learning.

Our online language classes offer you a real-time virtual classroom where you can see and interact with your teacher and classmates. Each week, you login at a set time to your live online classroom using our easy-to-use learning management platform, Canvas. Just like in a classroom, you do individual, pair and group work, ask questions and receive verbal feedback from your instructor.

Our non-intimidating French immersion classes are offered in a full range of levels, from introductory to advanced. Not sure which level is right for you? Read our overview of course language levels to find the level that suits your experience and skills.

Courses and Programs




UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in French is a part-time program that offers you the opportunity to improve your skills in one of Canada's official languages. LEARN MORE

French Language and Culture

UBC Certificate Program
The UBC Certificate in French Language and Culture will help you expand your French language skills and prepare for study, travel or doing business at home and throughout the French-speaking world. LEARN MORE