Our online conversational, reading and writing French courses improve your conversation, vocabulary and grammar skills while immersing you in rich Francophone culture.

Throughout the world, French is a key language in government, business, international development and diplomacy. It is not only one of Canada's official languages, but is the official language of organizations like Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, the International Olympic Committee and the UN.

Learning French can advance your career, enrich your travels, help you appreciate new cultures, and deepen family relationships.

French Conversation Courses

Focus on building confidence in your French language skills in our live interactive classes. Our online French language conversation courses offer you a real-time virtual classroom experience where you can see and interact with your teacher and classmates.

Each week, you log in at a set time to your live online classroom in which you practise speaking French with your classmates and instructor in authentic and realistic scenarios steeped in the richness of Francophone cultures.

Between classes, you can access your instructor’s online conversation, grammar, vocabulary and cultural resources to advance your studies and deepen your appreciation and understanding of French culture.

French Reading and Writing Courses

Our French reading and writing courses are an excellent option if you have completed two or more of our conversational courses, or have studied French in the past.

They offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself deeper in French language and culture, and practise reading and writing. They’re also ideal if you work in a professional environment where French is spoken and written, such as a federal government office, or if you teach K-12 French.

The courses are self-paced, meaning you log in and complete work on your own schedule. There are no face-to-face classes. Every week, your instructor releases a new module or lesson that might include class notes, quizzes, assignments, readings, links to articles, videos and practice exercises. You might also be asked to post on discussion boards.

Your instructor provides you feedback on your work, and guides online discussions. Some may hold virtual office hours. You can also communicate with your instructor through our learning management system, Canvas.

Conversational Course Levels

Not sure which conversation course level you should take? Read our overview of conversational language course levels to find the one that suits your experience and skills.

Certificate and Award of Achievement Programs

Our French language certificate and award of achievement programs offer a curriculum of courses designed to markedly improve your proficiency in French language, reading, writing and cultural understanding. Please note we are reviewing the award of achievement program with the view to improve the student experience and learning outcomes.

Courses and Programs



UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in French is a part-time program that offers you the opportunity to improve your skills in one of Canada's official languages. LEARN MORE

French Language and Culture

UBC Certificate Program
The UBC Certificate in French Language and Culture will help you expand your French language skills and prepare for study, travel or doing business at home and throughout the French-speaking world. LEARN MORE