Data Science

Data science is an in-demand career path, and is proving to be one of the most interesting, lucrative and versatile careers available today. This profession appeals to people who are technically inclined and to those with little to no experience in data and statistics alike – all that is required is curiosity, creativity and drive.

Data science involves discovery, innovation, storytelling and many other qualities that today’s job seekers are looking for in a fulfilling career. Best of all, data science skills are needed in virtually every sector.

Courses and Programs



Analytics for Leaders in Ocean Management

UBC Micro-certificate Program
The UBC Micro-certificate in Analytics for Leaders in Ocean Management is a part-time online program which enables students to build their oceans data analytics knowledge and create solutions for sustainable-equitable development and management of blue economy conservation, marine biodiversity and natural resources. LEARN MORE

Health Data Analytics: Opportunities and Applications

UBC Micro-certificate Program
Data analytics is a growth area within the health sector. Health systems worldwide are investing in data analytics infrastructure to enable service delivery improvements and increase efficiencies. Capitalizing on the potential of these innovations will require raising the level of data literacy and analytic... LEARN MORE

Key Capabilities in Data Science

UBC Certificate Program
Come away from this certificate program with a solid understanding of data science principles, hands-on data experience through projects, and essential job-ready skills. LEARN MORE