Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

With the global public cloud market projected to reach $482 billion in 2022, and Canadian spending on cloud software and cloud infrastructure expected to almost double between 2019 and 2023, it's no surprise that industry surveys rank cloud computing skills as a top five hard skill. 

Vancouver, a technology hub, as well as the rest of BC, are witnessing significant growth in cloud computing jobs, but organizations are having trouble filling these roles. 

Our cloud computing courses and programs are designed to meet the needs of employers, and offer a unique BC perspective. Gain both the business and technical skills to help you successfully adopt, implement, deploy and manage cloud applications and initiatives in your organization. 

Earn a UBC Micro-certificate in Cloud Transformation and Technology Infrastructure Strategy — a playbook for cloud transformation. Or take an AWS Academy-authored course and come away prepared to pursue an in-demand cloud certification. 

Courses and Programs



UBC Micro-certificate in Cloud Transformation and Technology Strategy

This part-time technical and business-oriented program provides you a cloud transformation playbook, and the ability to critically review your technology implementation. LEARN MORE