Skills that Grow with You

What I found the most appealing about this program is the network and connections we build in this community of coaches. We all learn from each other and share important resources.

Stephanie Hoi
Graduate, 2019 UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching

Bhashini Devabhaktuni

Skills That Go – and Grow – with You

Our courses and programs offer enduring and transferable skills that go – and grow – with you throughout your career. Some call these soft skills. Perhaps they’re better described as human skills. By any name, they help you stay agile and adaptable, no matter where your career takes you.

Build Inclusive and Equitable Practices

Move away from optics to effective and transformative action. Learn intercultural skills, strategies and tools to build and implement inclusive and equitable practices in your community and workplace.

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Help Individuals and Teams Thrive

Coaching conversations can have a powerful influence on employee engagement, culture and performance. Develop your confidence and competence in our organizational and career coaching courses.

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Write with Power, Write with Confidence

Hone your professional writing skills, and learn with a community of communicators, writers and freelancers. Choose from more than a dozen courses across writing genres to focus on what matters to you.

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Speak with Confidence in the Canadian Workplace

Are you new to Canada or to the Canadian workforce? Feel at ease in workplace conversations with our courses designed especially for professionals whose first language isn’t English.

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Transform Biomedical Concepts into Information

Learn integrated skills to communicate science, medicine and health concepts effectively and accurately in ways audiences can understand.

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