Spanish, Practical and Business

UBC Certificate Program

Learning to speak, read and write Spanish opens up career and travel opportunities, deepens your appreciation of Spanish and Latin cultures, and helps you connect with community members in North America and around the world.

The UBC Certificate in Practical and Business Spanish is designed to improve your practical and business Spanish language skills so you can talk in detail about familiar topics, read contemporary texts, and write clearly on a range of subjects. Throughout your courses, you’re introduced to different facets of Spanish-speaking and Latin societies, cultures and customs so you can communicate comfortably and respectfully with native Spanish speakers.

A personalized final project gives you the opportunity to explore in detail a topic related to your personal or business interests.

  • Program Format: Can be completed 100% online in instructor-supported courses with real-time classes, and in self-paced courses with modules released weekly
  • Duration: A minimum of five Spanish language courses of nine weeks each, and a final project
  • Cost: Approximately $2,800–$3,000
  • Apply anytime

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