UBC Award of Achievement Program

Effective communication is key to success in the world today. In the Pacific Rim, the ability to speak Chinese has become more and more important to business, travel and career development, not to mention the ability to connect with people in your own neighbourhood. Learning to speak Chinese can expand your career options and enable you to build relationships with colleagues and clients. You gain insight into another culture and way of thinking, enhancing your cross-cultural skills and your ability to adapt to different cultural and linguistic situations.

The UBC Award of Achievement in Chinese is a part-time program that helps you improve your language skills, enhance your knowledge of Chinese culture, prepare for travel and increase your career opportunities.

  • Delivered part-time
  • Requires completion of a minimum of four courses in a combination of in-class and at least one course online
  • Program costs between CAD$1,550 and CAD$1,975
  • Applications accepted on an ongoing basis, however applicants should apply at least three weeks before beginning the Award of Achievement
  • After this program you can expect to have a basic foundation in the Chinese language

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