Summer Language Intensives

Enhance your language skills and live the culture in our immersive virtual classrooms

We have reimagined our long-running Summer Language Institutes for 2020. Our new online one- and two-week Summer Intensives are designed so you can make the most of your time at home in July. Advance your language skills quickly through a balance of focused learning and meaningful activities with peers and your instructor. Built-in breaks and morning or afternoon classes give you time to enjoy the summer weather.

Immerse yourself in French or American Sign Language (ASL) as you learn from our encouraging, experienced instructors. Focus on conversation practice, small group activities and real-time pair work with your classmates and instructor in a virtual classroom. On select days, enjoy rich cultural workshops and activities with a special guest who lives and works in the language you’re learning.

We deliver courses using intuitive educational technologies and proven online teaching methods and practices, so you can count on an inspiring and successful learning experience.

See Summer Intensives in French

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Summer Intensive in Spanish has been cancelled.