Software Development

Software solutions are found in virtually every sector of the economy, and sector growth will continue to offer job prospects in the decades to come. Many roles, including those in business and financial analysis, research, engineering, and even animation and FX, require foundational programming skills. 

Our programming courses are developed and taught by faculty from the UBC Department of Computer Science − rated in the top 3 in Canada − and feature world-class content aligned with the needs of employers and industry. 

If you’re interested in upskilling for your current role or rounding out your resume for future roles, these part-time online courses offer choice and flexibility. 

If you’re interested in building your Python skills, use this table to compare Introduction to Systematic Design in Python and Key Capabilities in Data Science to find the program that best suits your skills and career goals.

Courses and Programs



Introduction to Systematic Program Design in Python

Learn programming online using Python. These beginner programming courses teach you how to code small, well-documented programs, and offer skills you can use for any programming language. LEARN MORE