Liberal Arts and Sciences

"What I’m really looking for is mental stimulation. I want to be stimulated and I want to be interested. It’s so important to keep your mental health alive as well as your physical health."

Sheila Winder
UBC Elder Scholar and Ageless Pursuits student

Gain new insights, engage in lively discussions, and develop your own informed opinions on a wide array of subjects.

Our offerings include an ever-changing variety of courses in arts, humanities, history, literature, music and public affairs taught by UBC professors and other leading experts. Find out more about topics you have always wanted to explore with the interdisciplinary perspective that liberal studies affords.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Elder Scholar: End-Game of Thrones - How Some Real Rulers Lost Their Crowns (UQ023)   
Elder Scholar: Free Information Session (UQ001)   
Elder Scholar: From Haydn to Mahler - The Great Symphonies 1700-1900 (UQ025)   
Elder Scholar: Greek Religion and Its Sanctuaries (UQ024)   
Elder Scholar: International Scene - Perspectives on World Events and Politics (UQ018)   
Elder Scholar: It's a Love-Hate Thing - The Life Course of Canadian Families (UQ027)   
Elder Scholar: New Trends In Science, Technology, Medicine and Design (UQ019)   
Elder Scholar: Our Strange Relationship with Fiction - From Classical Antiquity to Evolutionary Psychology (UQ026)   
NEW: From Tang Mountain to Gold Mountain: The History of Chinese Immigration to Canada (in Mandarin) (UQ450)   
One Day at UBC: Cities to the Rescue - Urban Environmental Policies and Their Role in Global Climate Policy (UQ506)   
One Day at UBC: Healthcare Ethics - Understanding the Humanity in Medicine (UQ507)   
One Day at UBC: How Capitalism Became a Global Phenomenon (UQ504)   
One Day at UBC: Past, Present and Future of Turkish Politics (UQ503)   
One Day at UBC: Scandals and Extravagance - Lives of the British Aristocracy (UQ502)   
One Day at UBC: Sino-American Relations in the Age of Xi and Trump - Toward A New Cold War? (UQ509)   
One Day at UBC: Star Trek - The Real-World Philosophy of an Ideal Future (UQ500)   
One Day at UBC: Taking Uncertainty Seriously - The Emergence of Modern Philosophy (UQ505)   
One Day at UBC: The Environment, Adaptation and Natural Selection - The Story of Evolution (UQ508)   
One Day at UBC: The International Relations of Outer Space (UQ501)   
One Day at UBC: Under the Influence - An Introduction to Social Psychology (UQ510)   
One Day at UBC: Understanding Blockchain Technology (UQ511)    
Walking Tour: Vancouver's First Master Plan - The Making of a Modern City (UQ028)