Liberal Arts and Sciences

"What I’m really looking for is mental stimulation. I want to be stimulated and I want to be interested. It’s so important to keep your mental health alive as well as your physical health."

Sheila Winder
UBC Elder Scholar and Ageless Pursuits student

We are looking forward to offering One Day @ UBC, One Week @ UBC and UBC Elder Scholar in person in 2022. We invite you to explore UBC Academic Explorations, online and interactive lecture series that allow you to learn from wherever you are.

Discover an ever-changing line-up of courses covering the arts, humanities, science, health, public affairs and more. Taught by UBC professors, instructors and leading experts, our classes allow you to explore a topic in depth, stay current and gain new perspectives on our world.

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UBC Academic Explorations are entertaining and informative online courses each featuring six live lectures that you can watch from anywhere. Enjoy an ever-changing line-up of topics by UBC experts, professors and instructors from across faculties and departments.

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