Immersion Approach and Course Materials

Immersion Approach

Our approach to learning the target language is based on the immersion philosophy, which involves learning to converse and communicate in a natural setting. You will practise and use the target language as it would occur in real life.

Authentic materials, audio and visual clips as well as activities such as role-playing, teamwork, game playing, presentation, songs and dances etc. will be used to help you learn the language.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction (multi-level instruction) is a dynamic approach to language teaching mastered by our language teachers. By using differentiated instruction, our instructors plan a lesson so that it is taught to the entire class while meeting the individual needs of each student. Each class in language learning is based on the following principles:

  • a definite aim for all participants
  • a variety of techniques aimed at students of various levels
  • various student learning styles considered in presentation of material
  • all students are asked to participate through questioning in the target language
  • some participants require adjusted expectations
  • participants are evaluated on their individual differences and progress.

Course Materials

Course materials, often designed by our own instructors, are included in the course fee. These materials are an integral part of the program and are not available for purchase separately.

The first time you register for one of our courses, you will receive course materials. These materials may be used for more than one level, so if you plan to continue your language instruction, we ask that you keep the course materials (for example the textbook Soleado 1 is used by both Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 Spanish).