Italian and Portuguese

Our immersive classes in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese offer practical language skills for travel, work and everyday situations.

Beginner classes are designed for those students with no previous experience in that language. Intermediate to advanced classes, when available, help you build vocabulary, fluency, confidence, accuracy and more refined grammar skills. From the very first session, class time focuses on building confidence in your Italian or Portuguese language skills through speaking and interacting with your classmates in authentic and realistic scenarios. Between classes, you can practise your skills using online resources chosen by your instructor to complement your in-class learning.

Not sure which level is right for you? Read our overview of course language levels to find the level that suits your experience and skills.

If you're interested in intermediate and advanced course availability, please contact our program team.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Italian Beginner 1 (AI010)   
Italian Beginner 2 (AI020)   
Italian Intermediate 1 (AI041)   
Italian Intermediate 2 (AI042)   
Italian Intermediate 3 (AI043)   
Italian Lower Intermediate 1 (AI031)   
Italian Lower Intermediate 2 (AI032)   
Portuguese Beginner 1 (AP010)   
Portuguese Beginner 2 (AP020)   
Portuguese Lower Intermediate (AP030)