Learning to speak Chinese can help you do business and make connections at home and in Asia, and here in Vancouver, where Chinese is the second most common mother-tongue, it facilitates communication with neighbours, clients and colleagues alike.

Our Mandarin courses are offered at all levels and our instructors are experienced and professionally trained native speakers who will help you develop fluency in small, dynamic classes. Rather than characters, instructors use Pin-Yin (Chinese characters in the Latin alphabet) for ease of learning. From the very first session, class time focuses on building confidence in your Mandarin language skills through speaking and interacting with your classmates in authentic and realistic scenarios. Between classes, you can practise your skills using online resources chosen by your instructor to complement your in-class learning.

Not sure which level is right for you? Read our overview of course language levels to find the level that suits your experience and skills.

Read what our instructor Jenny Lu says about the benefits of learning Mandarin in this Vancouver Sun article.

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UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Chinese is a part-time program that helps you improve your language skills, enhance your knowledge of Chinese culture, prepare for travel and increase your career opportunities. LEARN MORE