UBC Academic Explorations

UBC Academic Explorations

Feel inspired, stimulated and connected with UBC Academic Explorations. Enjoy an ever-changing line-up of academic topics presented by UBC experts, professors and instructors from across faculties and departments. Choose from a wide variety of entertaining and informative courses, each featuring six live online lectures that you can watch from anywhere.

Dive into a familiar or not-so-familiar subject, from arts, humanities and history, to literature, music, science, politics and more. Gain fresh perspectives and new insights, and view our world through a new lens.

Course Format

Each course is held online once a week on various days for six weeks. Lectures are recorded and shared with students for later viewing.

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Time: 10–11:30am Pacific Time

Your Online Learning Experience

Every week you participate in a live online class with your instructor at a designated time. You can watch the instructor’s lecture live, and ask questions after the lecture.

We use Canvas Catalog for lectures, an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based learning application. You also access Zoom, a web conference app, through Canvas Catalog. We will send you instructions to access these applications three business days before your first class.

So find a comfortable spot, grab a notebook, and enjoy an active learning experience.

UBC Academic Explorations Courses Various Weekdays, 10–11:30am
Academic Explorations Information Session Watch Jan 13, 2021 Info Session
May-June 2021
Surfing Hokusai's Great Wave - The Culture, History and Sports of Japan May 10–June 21
An Eclectic History of Vancouver’s Chinatown May 11–June 15
The Romantic Nationalists - Classical Music and Identity from 1848 to 1914 May 12–June 16
Perspectives on Canadian and World News May 13–June 17

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