UBC Academic Explorations

UBC Academic Explorations

Feel inspired, stimulated and connected with UBC Academic Explorations. Enjoy an ever-changing line-up of academic topics presented by UBC experts, professors and instructors from across faculties and departments. Choose from eight entertaining and informative courses, each featuring six live online lectures that you can watch live from anywhere.

Dive into a familiar or not-so-familiar subject, from arts, humanities and history, to literature, music, science, politics and more. Gain fresh perspectives and new insights, and view our world through a new lens.

Course Format

Each course is held online once a week on various days for six weeks. Lectures are recorded and shared with students for later viewing.

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Time: 10–11:30am Pacific Time

Your Online Learning Experience

Every week you participate in a live online class with your instructor at a designated time. You can watch the instructor’s lecture live, and ask questions after the lecture.

We use Canvas Catalog for lectures, an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based learning application. You also access Zoom, a web conference app, through Canvas Catalog. We will send you instructions to access these applications three business days before your first class.

So find a comfortable spot, grab a notebook, and enjoy an active learning experience.

UBC Academic Explorations Courses Various Weekdays, 10–11:30am
Academic Explorations Information Session, 11am-12pm Jan 13, 2021
January-March 2021
Selected Masterpieces of the National Gallery, London Jan 25–Mar 8
Food in Human Culture Jan 26–Mar 2
Monsters, Murderers and the Supernatural in Victorian Novels Jan 27–Mar 3
Perspectives on Canadian and World News Jan 28–Mar 4
March-April 2021
Russian Cultural Values Mar 9–Apr 13
Canadian Monuments to Central and Eastern European History Mar 10–Apr 14
Perspectives on Canadian and World News Mar 11–Apr 15
Women of Jazz: Composers, Arrangers and Instrumentalists Mar 15–Apr 26

Courses and Programs