Writing and Communication Skills for the Workplace

UBC Micro-certificate Program

Written and verbal communication skills are consistently rated by employers as must-have skills. Writing clearly, concisely, convincingly and without errors can help you inform and persuade your reader, gain buy-in for your ideas, and stand out at work.

The UBC Micro-certificate in Writing and Communication Skills for the Workplace is a part-time, online program designed for you to build skills that are transferable to any role or task and that will help enhance and grow your career.

The program offers two streams so you can focus on the areas of writing that are most applicable to your job and goals: Grammar and Style and Business Communication.

  • Format: 100% online and instructor supported. Some courses have real-time classes or weekly instructor office hours
  • Duration: Three or four courses, ranging from three to six weeks long, approximately 15 to 30 hours per course
  • Cost: $420 to $705 per course


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