University Applications and Skills

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When you’re in Grade 11 or 12, preparing for university takes on a new importance in your life. Whether it’s choosing a major, writing university applications, or getting ready for first year, it can feel like you have a lot to do – and not a lot of time to do it.

The good news is there are skills and strategies you can learn and use today to get into your top-choice university, and succeed once you’re there. We have courses designed to do just that.

Get Ready for University

Writing Effective University Applications

Maximize your chances of getting into your top-choice university with this practical, hands-on course. Learn how to write convincing Canadian university applications that catch the attention of admissions committees.

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Academic Skills for University Success

Sharpen your study habits, time management and communication skills before you start university. Improve your performance, reduce stress, and accomplish more – all while having a great time in first year!

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Student Well-Being, Mental Health and Resiliency

Understand and develop your mental health and emotional awareness as you prepare for university. Remaining resilient and achieving mental well-being in the first year of university is strongly linked to academic success. This course is offered at a subsidized price to increase accessibility.

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Learn Online

Login when you want and complete work at your own pace. Expect to spend 10 to 20 hours depending on the course. You have 60 days to complete a course.

Easy Registration

No application, transcripts or proof of English proficiency is required. Simply choose a course and register. We recommend these courses for students ages 15–18 in Grades 11 or 12.

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All courses are open enrolment, which means you can register and start any time.

I think the course covered exactly what a student would need to know to apply for university. I appreciated how it covered everything from the basics, to how to write an application, and how to write concisely.

– Nicholas, Student, 2022

This really helped put things into perspective and honestly got me prepared for my last (and most rigorous year) of high school. Thank you for this!

– Anonymous, Student, 2023

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