Eligibility, Admissions and Accommodations

Age Requirements

Unless otherwise indicated in the course and program details, UBC Extended Learning registrants must be 18 years of age or older.


Please ensure you meet any requirements specified in the course or program description. Some courses and programs have specific prerequisites, and you can only register once you’ve completed the prerequisite. Others have soft or recommended prerequisites.

We cannot issue refunds if you choose to waive the prerequisite requirements and find you are unable to complete the course or program.


Extended Learning students with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions requiring accommodations can access guidance and support through the UBC Centre for Accessibility. If you require accommodations to participate in your ExL course, please contact the Centre before the start of your course to make arrangements for services or support. Before requesting a concession or accommodation, please register with the Centre.

English Language Proficiency

Please note that English is the primary language of instruction for most UBC Extended Learning courses and programs. Students may be required to meet or exceed a minimum level of English. Please see the course or program details for information on English proficiency requirements.