UBC Extended Learning Launches First-of-its-Kind Data Science Certificate for Data-Curious Adults Looking to Acquire In-Demand Skills

Offered in conjunction with the UBC Departments of Computer Science and Statistics, the UBC Certificate in Key Capabilities in Data Science is 100% online and provides a flexible, part-time curriculum for early- and mid-career learners.

UBC Extended Learning has launched a new certificate program designed for busy adult learners who may not have a technology background but who would like to gain a solid foundation in data science.

The UBC Certificate in Key Capabilities in Data Science is the first of its kind in BC, where post-secondary data science credentials are currently limited to degrees. Prior to being offered as a certificate, the program was available as a series of courses.

UBC has established a strong reputation in data science with its highly successful and in-demand Master of Data Science program. In the new certificate program, non-credit students can learn key concepts drawn from the Master program in the areas of data science, machine learning, data visualization and Python. Learners will acquire highly marketable skills to apply to their current work in a range of sectors, as well as insights into data science career options should they be exploring a transition.

The certificate offers four courses from which learners select three for a total of 150 hours, typically 8-12 hours per week per course. Participants must first complete Programming in Python and then may take any or all the remaining courses in any order. The certificate is delivered part-time in an instructor-supported, online format that promotes accountability and offers a high degree of engagement.

Data science has become essential in our increasingly data-driven economy and is also a major force in the creation of hybrid roles requiring expertise in multiple functional areas. 2019 Burning Glass data holds that “one in eight job postings is now highly hybridized, encompassing more than 250 different occupations.”

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Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 12:15