Technology Program Comparison Table

Use this table to compare our programs in data science and systematic program design to choose the one best suited to your professional and career goals.

UBC Certificate in Key Capabilities in Data Science Intro to Systematic Program Design in Python
Program summary Key Capabilities in Data Science is designed to give you a solid understanding of data science principles you can use as a launchpad for further studies or to put you on a path to a career in data science Intro to Systematic Program Design in Python is a foundational program that offers skills and best practices for writing organized and well-documented programs in Python that can be applied to any programming language
Number of courses

(For certification: one prerequisite course plus a minimum of two electives)

Duration 27 weeks 18 weeks
Total number of instructional hours 150 hours 160 hours
Expected effort 8–12 hours/week ~10 hours/week
Facilitated and supported by UBC Computer Science and Department of Statistics professors and instructors UBC Computer Science professors and instructors
Gain these technical skills Key data science and statistical principles and hands-on experience applicable to a wide range of fields and sectors

Data analysis

Foundational skills to write small, organized and well-documented programs

Systematic approaches to writing code using Python

Build these  transferrable career skills Learn essential data science concepts and principles

Visualize data effectively to be able to tell great data stories

Gain confidence in programming, and learn the problem-solving skills used by top programmers
Technical knowledge
/background needed
This program doesn’t require a background in data or technology. Some students may have been exposed to data analytics or statistics through their workplace or other courses.

You should be comfortable working with software and applications. However, you don’t need a background in computer science to take this program.

Take this program if You want to upskill with data science skills for your current role, or explore data science career options

You want to upskill with programming skills for your current role, or plan to pursue further education in this field