Bursaries for BC Teachers

Thank you for your interest in a bursary for our Summer Intensives in French. All funding for BC teachers for summer 2023 has now been allocated. To find out about being added to this year’s waitlist, please email info.exl@ubc.ca or call 604-822-1444.

BC Teachers may apply for a bursary for the full tuition amount of our one, two and three-week French Summer Institutes. Bursaries for BC teachers are administered by UBC Extended Learning on behalf of the French Education Branch of the BC Ministry of Education. Funding is provided by the Government of Canada.

We distribute bursaries until funds run out, which can happen well before the Summer Institutes begin, so we encourage you to apply early.


To be eligible, you must have a valid BC Teaching Certificate or Letter of Permission to teach from the Teacher Regulation Branch. Non-certified teachers from independent schools classified under Group 3, with a letter from the school administration confirming their employment, are also eligible.

You don’t need to be currently employed with a BC school district or independent school to apply.

We award bursaries on a first come, first served basis, though we give preference to those attending three-week programs, followed by two-week and one-week programs.

If funds remain after June 23, 2023, we will offer bursaries to employees of BC school districts and independent schools who are not teachers (e.g. counsellors, education assistants), but who have regular contact with students in French programs. We also require a letter from your administration confirming your employment.

Application Process

Please carefully read and understand the program information before applying for a bursary. We review completed application forms in the order they’re received. An application may be declined if it’s incomplete, or if we conclude that the applicant doesn’t meet eligibility requirements based on materials submitted.

We distribute bursaries until funds run out, so we encourage you to apply early. We’ll notify you by email if your application is accepted or declined.

Step 1: Pay the $225 refundable deposit

Step 2: Complete and submit the bursary application form indicating which program you would like to take including level, duration and format. You’ll be registered automatically in the Summer Institute in French you choose. All students complete an oral placement test prior to the program start; results will be used to finalize more precise level placements. You can change the level you’re registered in if needed during the first two days of the program. 

Please note:

  • BC Teaching Certificates or Letters of Permission will be confirmed with the Find a Teacher database on the Teacher Regulation Branch website.
  • Non-certified teachers from independent school classified under Group 3 will need to provide a letter from the school administration confirming their employment.
  • Non-teachers who fulfill the requirement above will need to upload a letter from their school administration confirming their employment.

Step 3: We’ll send you an email confirming we received your application. If you’re eligible, we’ll place you on a temporary waitlist as we process applications in the order we receive them. Look for a confirmation email from us letting you know you’re receiving a bursary. 

Step 4: If you have fulfilled the attendance requirements for your Summer Institute, we will send you a full refund of your $225 program deposit within one month of the program's end.

Attendance Requirements

You must attend 80% of instructional time in order to be eligible for your award of completion. Students who don’t complete the program or fulfill the attendance requirements may not receive a refund of the $225 program deposit.

Withdrawals and Refusals

BC Teacher Bursary recipients who have been approved for a bursary and who wish to withdraw can do so in writing before June 23, 2023. We’ll refund you your deposit, minus a $50 administration fee, in the manner in which you originally paid.

Tax Forms

Please note that bursaries are taxable. We’ll send you a T4A for the full tuition amount by email before February 2024.