About Online Learning

UBC Extended Learning has been offering courses online for more than 20 years. We offer our online courses in a variety of formats to suit your schedule and provide the best learning outcomes. Please read the course or program description for details on the learning format.

You access your course through a learning management system, also known as an LMS, such as Canvas, Catalog or Learn.ExL. When you register for a course, you’ll receive instructions on setting up an account, and accessing your course before your course starts.

Learning Formats

Online courses are taught using one of these formats. Please check your course description for more details.

Live Online Lectures offer real-time lectures in a virtual classroom on scheduled dates and times. Courses may include additional resources such as readings and audiovisual materials.

Self-Paced courses are typically completed on your own time and at your own pace. Access course materials anytime, and complete work independently. Some courses include moderated peer discussion forums. You can enrol and instantly access your course, which remains open for an extended period.

Instructor Supported with Real-time Classes include live, scheduled classes facilitated by an instructor. Courses have specified start and end dates, and you progress through the course with a group of classmates. Your instructor grades and/or provides feedback on assignments and projects, and assists with your progress in a moderated discussion forum.

Instructor Supported courses have start and end dates, and you progress through the course with a group of classmates. Course modules are released on specific days (e.g. every Monday), and assignment due dates are specified. Your course may include office hours with an instructor or it may be fully asynchronous with facilitators supporting engagement in the online discussion forum. Your facilitator provides feedback on assignments and some courses may also include auto grading.

Blended courses offer a mix of in-person, instructor-facilitated classes combined with moderated online modules or online real-time classes. Modules might include readings, videos, exercises or discussion posts.

Online, Self-Paced Live Online Lectures Online, Instructor Supported Online, Instructor Supported with Real-time Classes Blended (Classroom + Online)
Specific start and end dates X
Cohort (start and end with the same group of students) X
Real-time class meetings X X
Access to an instructor X X
Assignment deadlines X X
Instructor-graded assignments with feedback X X
Auto-graded assignments X X X