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Are you here to ignite your career, or shift into a new one? Maybe you want to create positive change in yourself – or the world. Perhaps you’re pursuing your passion to realize a dream.

Here, you’ll discover thought-provoking, relevant courses and programs. An engaging, learner-centered experience. And a community of insatiably curious explorers motivated to learn and grow, like you.

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Learn, Adapt and Grow

Stay agile and adaptable with transferable, human skills in coaching, communications, professional writing, and equity, diversity and inclusion. Strengthen organizations, solve problems with empathy, and boost your confidence.

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Ignite and Thrive

Thrive in today’s digital economy with relevant, job-ready skills. Shift into a new career, or explore paths and possibilities. Stay ahead of the job market with experts and innovators from UBC faculty and industry.

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Pursue Your Passions

Follow your curiosity, or pursue a passion. Study a new language, or express yourself in writing. Learn with UBC instructors, and connect with a community. Feel inspired and ready for more.

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Start Here, Go Anywhere

Explore the full breadth and depth of our adult continuing education courses. Advance your career, discover new paths and possibilities, or learn for the joy of learning.

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