One Week @ UBC

Cam and Gail Pearce - One Week at UBC Student

Photo: UBC Hover Collective

In order to comply with limits on social gatherings and physical distancing measures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all spring term One Week @ UBC courses have been cancelled.

NEW - Starting April 16, we are offering a limited series of free one-hour online lectures. Gain new perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic – and take away a few lessons you can use for your own life – with some of UBC’s leading experts in healthcare, politics, sociology, education, history, ethics and more.

Learn Like a Student Again – Without the Stress of Exams

One Week @ UBC courses (formerly Ageless Pursuits) feature five days of morning lectures presented by UBC instructors and professors.

Whether it’s been a few years since you’ve gone to school – or 50 years – One Week @ UBC courses offer an opportunity to learn about fascinating topics in stimulating and welcoming classes.

Engage in lectures, discussion and exercises, and gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of subjects, from art to psychology, from history to politics. Bring a friend, your parents, adult children, or nieces and nephews, and appreciate new perspectives and conversations across generations.

After class, enjoy all that the UBC Vancouver campus has to offer. You can easily fill up an afternoon visiting UBC’s many world-class galleries, museums, gardens and theatres, dining at an endless variety of cafes and restaurants, or exploring nearby beaches and Pacific Spirit Park.

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