Ageless Pursuits

UBC Vancouver

Photo: UBC Hover Collective

Ageless Pursuits is a series of stimulating lectures held annually in June. Join us for one, two or three weeks of courses taught by UBC professors and instructors at the spectacular Vancouver campus. Learn something new, enjoy lively discussions and sharpen your thinking with likeminded peers. Discover a wide range of fascinating topics that include, among others, music, art, literature, history and politics. Learners of all ages are welcome!

Courses run Monday to Friday, 10am–12:30pm, with a 30-minute coffee break halfway through the lecture. Choose one course from 3–4 courses offered each week. After class, take time to visit UBC's gardens and museums, enjoy lunch at one of 40+ restaurants and cafes, or walk the University Endowment Lands or nearby beaches. View the campus map.

Ageless Pursuits has concluded for 2019. Registration for Ageless Pursuits 2020 will open next spring.

Here are the courses we offered in 2019. If you're interested or curious about similar topics, be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay informed about Ageless Pursuits 2020 courses and registration.

Johannes Brahms: Regressive, Reactionary or Progressive?
Understanding Our Family Relationships
Climate Change: Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Action
Culture, Health and Illness: A Look at Medical Anthropology

Big Bands and Jazz Orchestras 1945-2019: New Directions
Salt, Silk, Tea: Chinese Commodities and Cargo Through the Ages
The Ethics and Social Challenges of Technology and Artificial Intelligence
Select Masterpieces of the Louvre

Shakespearian Comedies Revealed: Your Guide to 2019’s Bard on the Beach
Kant, Kierkegaard and the Emergence of Modern Existentialism
The Global War on Terror in the Middle East

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