UBC Explore Program

The UBC Explore Program is a 5-week immersion experience in English at the beautiful Vancouver campus at the University of British Columbia. This program is open to domestic and international students who have an elementary to advanced level of English and are at least 18 years old.

The UBC Explore Program is an integrated skills program, with a dominant component dedicated to speaking fluency and accuracy. Classes provide language instruction and practice along with opportunities to explore global topics through group projects, lectures, discussions, presentations, guest speakers and field trips. Classroom activities are learner centered and guided by experienced language instructors.

Bursary Students
Canadian students applying for the CMEC bursary

Non-Bursary Students
Canadian and international students interested in the UBC Explore Program

Courses and Programs


UBC Explore Program for Canadian Bursary Students

The UBC Explore program is a 5-week immersion experience in English offered to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. You must be a full-time student for at least one semester in the academic year prior to the start of the program and at least 18 years old. LEARN MORE

UBC Explore Program for International and Canadian Non-Bursary Students

The UBC Explore program is a full-time, 5-week program with approximately 120 hours of English instruction in an integrated skills format. LEARN MORE