Personal and Creative Writing

Finding and feeling comfortable with your unique voice can help you write the story you have always wanted to tell—whether it’s through fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, memoir, or journalling.

Our classes, all taught by published authors, will help you develop your individual writing style to create work you will be ready to share with others and offer for publication.

Courses and Programs



Creative Writing

UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Creative Writing teaches you creative writing and narrative theory and gives you the chance to explore various genres of creative writing while honing your skills for publication or creating a portfolio for applying to an MFA program. LEARN MORE

Game Writing Academy

Develop your writing for interactive media and the game industry with this focused, hands-on, 100% online academy. Get an insider's view into the gaming studio system not found in other programs. Learn the writing and production processes used in game creation from an industry veteran, and understand the writer’s role on a game development team. LEARN MORE