Why Study Languages at UBC Extended Learning?

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Comprehensive Quality Programs
Our programs are taught by professional instructors in a variety of formats to meet the diverse needs of adult learners. Language and culture are intertwined to prepare you for meaningful communication in your language of study.
Experienced, Helpful Staff at Every Step
From your first phone call to your last day of class, you will be encouraged by instructors and staff who are specialized in second language teaching and who enjoy helping you with your studies. Our staff can help you determine your appropriate language level and staff members are always on site to help you achieve your language learning goals. A program assistant is available at all class times (even evenings and weekends) to direct you to the appropriate class, help you with program objectives or answer questions related to your studies.
Customizing Your Program
If you have specific objectives in the course you are taking, your experienced instructor will incorporate your needs into the course curriculum. Additional learning materials may also be provided for you to use between classes.

Choice of Format
Choose between in-class courses with extra online resources or fully online courses.

Learn at Your Own Pace
Tailor your learning at UBC with the guidance of your instructor. You can choose to change levels during a session or repeat a level for more practice.

Learner-Centred Approach
Instructors will adapt course content to accommodate the learners' needs and skills. You will be an active participant in your learning and activities will relate to your real-life needs. You will also have access to online resources for extra learning support.

Recognition of Your Achievement
You can request a letter of attendance stating your language level at the end of a session provided your attendance meets the course requirements.
Classroom Locations
Our modern and convenient locations at UBC Robson Square as well as the Buchanan Building at the Point Grey campus will enhance your learning experience.
Professional Certificate Programs
For advanced level training in French, Spanish or Translation and Interpretation, consider taking one of our UBC certificate programs (150 hours or more of instruction.) These programs are offered in a part-time format to accommodate the schedules of working professionals and incorporate the best of both in-person and distance education. Certificate programs are available in French Language and Culture, Practical and Business Spanish, and Translation and Interpretation in Chinese.
Award of Achievement Programs
Award of Achievement programs provide training in languages in a shorter format than our certificate programs (70 hours or more of instruction.) Award of Achievement programs are available in French, Spanish, and Chinese.
Partnerships at UBC
For more than 30 years, UBC Extended Learning has offered outstanding language learning. With the help of our international, local and UBC partners, we have continued to expand our motto "Learn the Language, Live the Culture" by providing interdisciplinary offerings that allow students to explore the cultures of the languages they are pursuing.
We collaborate closely with the following faculties and academic units:

  • UBC Faculty of Arts
  • UBC Faculty of Education
  • UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • UBC Wine Research Centre
  • UBC Centre for Intercultural Language Studies
Discounts for Participants 65 and Over and UBC Students
Those 65 or older will receive a $25 discount on registration. Proof of age may be requested at time of registration. UBC Students also qualify for a $25 discount. A valid student card must be provided upon registration. These discounts are not available through online registration and cannot be combined with any other discount. Please call 604.822.1444 to register.