Equity and Inclusion

Waqar, a graduate student of UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies

Whether you are working with international clients, managing diverse teams or implementing inclusive practices in your community or organization, a meaningful and ongoing commitment to listening and respectfully communicating across cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions is crucial in any professional environment.

Through our courses and programs, learn effective intercultural communications skills, strategies and tools to build and implement inclusive and equitable practices within organizational and community settings.

Consult this table to easily compare our equity, diversity and inclusion programs to find the one that best meets your needs.   

Courses and Programs



UBC Micro-certificate Program
There are no shortcuts in anti-racism work. Only by committing daily to re-designing systems to include the perspectives and voices of historically marginalized and oppressed communities can individuals and organizations reach our society’s unrealized potentials. The UBC Micro-certificate in Anti-Racism expands your understanding of identity, power and white privilege in the workplace and in our communities, to envision a future liberated from oppressive structures. LEARN MORE

Diversity and Inclusion

UBC Micro-certificate Program
The UBC Micro-certificate in Diversity and Inclusion is a part-time program designed for people seeking to build inclusive practices within organizational or community settings. LEARN MORE

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

UBC Certificate Program
While most organizations have a language and process in place to embrace diversity and inclusion, without effectively addressing the inequities in our systems–such as the unequal distribution of power and resources–individuals and organizations will always stop short of their full potential. The UBC Certificate in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) offers pathways to move away from optics and performative allyship, to effective and transformative action. LEARN MORE

Intercultural Studies

UBC Certificate Program
The award-winning UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies is a part-time career development program that gives you the tools to work effectively in international and multicultural settings. LEARN MORE

Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream

UBC Certificate Program
Designed for UBC managers, the part-time Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream gives participants the opportunity to complete both the Managing@UBC program and UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies. LEARN MORE