English as an Additional Language

"Improving my English communication skills has given me more confidence at my workplace, and is essential to my success."

Maria Paz Alfaro Del Prado
Student, Business English for International Professionals

Speaking and writing effectively in English are invaluable skills in today's global market, and will set you up for success whether you're studying or working in North America or doing business around the world.

If you're looking to strengthen your English language skills, our offerings for Vancouver-based learners, international students and Canadian Francophones offer a variety of options to increase your confidence in your speaking, reading and writing skills. Immerse yourself in a language program or take a part-time course online or in downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square.

Courses and Programs



Business English for International Professionals

UBC Award of Achievement Program
Improve your English communication skills in this six-course program. Learn to communicate ideas clearly, and how to interact effectively with colleagues in the Canadian workplace. LEARN MORE