Cultural Planning and Development

Around the world, cultural, urban and municipal planners bring vibrancy to communities in the form of arts, culture, and creative expression. Many regions have embraced cultural development as a key strategy to promote sustainable growth and urban engagement.

Our courses and workshops leverage the strengths of international leaders in cultural planning and development to offer a global perspective, along with the training and support required for a career in this growing field.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Creating Strategic Plans (UC001)   
Creative Placemaking (UC003)   
Cultural Tourism: An Asset-Based Economic Development Strategy (UC006)   
Festivals, Events and Eventful Communities (UC004)   
Foundations of Cultural Planning (UC002)   
Online Workshop: Ask the Audience - Public Participation in Decision-Making (UC032)   
Online Workshop: Best Practices in Museum Governance and Strategic Planning (UC035)   
Online Workshop: Changing the Leadership of Culture and the Culture of Leadership (UC036)   
Online Workshop: Creative Economy and Cultural Planning - The Smaller City Perspective (UC015)   
Online Workshop: Cultural Entrepreneurship (UC011)   
Online Workshop: Cultural Planning - An International Perspective (UC018)   
Online Workshop: Cultural Planning and Processes of Urban Change (UC019)   
Online Workshop: Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm (UC033)   
Online Workshop: Culture's Role in Sustainable Development: Meaning, Principles and Implementation (UC039)   
Online Workshop: Intangible Cultural Heritage (UC013)   
Online Workshop: Intercultural Cities (UC020)   
Online Workshop: Managing for Success in Public Art (UC017)   
Online Workshop: Museums and Digital Practice: Strategies and Storytelling (UC016)   
Online Workshop: Negotiating Successful Community Partnerships Between Cultural Organizations (UC038)   
Online Workshop: Resourceful Design Innovation by Re-imagining Existing Urban Assets (UC014)   
The Psychology of Loyalty: Encouraging Repeat Cultural Participation and Support (UC040)