Unless otherwise indicated in the course and program details, UBC Extended Learning registrants must be at least 18 years of age. We reserve the right to refuse to register an applicant or to expel a registrant whose actions disrupt the operation of a course. We also reserve the right to refuse entrance to non-registered persons.

Policies for UBC degree-credit courses and programs do not apply to UBC Extended Learning courses and programs unless otherwise indicated in the course and program details.

Prerequisites and English Language Proficiency

In order to maximize your UBC Extended Learning experience, please ensure you meet any prerequisites identified in the course description. Refunds are not possible if you choose to waive the prerequisites and find you are unable to complete the course.

There may be some requirements to be admitted into a program. Please review admission details before you apply. Details vary and are listed with each program. Once accepted into a program, you will be sent a confirmation by email or post.

Please note that English is the primary language of instruction for most UBC Extended Learning courses and programs. Students may be required to meet or exceed a minimum level of English.Please see the course or program details or contact the program for information on English proficiency requirements.

Some professional programs require students to have proficiency in written and spoken business English. Non-native English speakers may be required to submit results of language proficiency tests. Please see individual program descriptions for information on English language proficiency requirements.

Search courses and programs to find specific program information and requirements. 

Disability-Related Accommodations

Should you require disability-related accommodations for your course, please contact us six (6) weeks before the course start date or as earliest as possible. UBC Extended Learning works to create an inclusive learning environment in which all students can achieve success. Any student with diverse needs requiring additional services or support, please contact the UBC Centre for Accessibility office.

Registration and Waitlist

After processing your registration, you will be sent a confirmation receipt by email or post. If you do not receive your receipt by the start date of your course or program, please contact us.

Some programs may require an application process prior to official acceptance into the program. The application process may vary by program. Once accepted into the program, you will be sent a confirmation by email or post.

Register early as many classes fill quickly. If your course is full, you may be able to place your name on a waitlist. We will contact you if a space becomes available.

Search courses and programs to find specific program information and requirements. 

Fee Payments and Taxes

All fees are payable in Canadian dollars and are due before the start date of your course or program. We accept cash, personal cheques,* certified cheques, bank drafts, debit cards,** Visa and MasterCard. Taxes will be indicated beside the course fee where applicable.

Fees made payable to UBC Extended Learning are subject to tax with the following exceptions:

  • language programs in Canada's two official languages (English and French)
  • courses that are part of a certificate program
  • accredited professional development courses or programs, or
  • courses given outside Canada.

Your registration is complete when we receive your full fee payment. We do not accept post-dated cheques. If your payment is returned (e.g., an NSF cheque), it must be replaced with a certified cheque or cash and a service charge may be levied.

Special offers and discounts cannot be retroactively applied to completed transactions.

* Some exceptions apply. Please contact the program unit responsible for your course or program.
** Available at some locations.

UBC Employee Tuition Fee Benefit

Most UBC employee groups are eligible for tuition fee waivers that reimburse or offset the cost of most UBC Extended Learning courses. Please visit the UBC Finance Tuition Fee Benefit website for information on eligibility and instructions on how to use your tuition fee benefit to take part in UBC Learning courses. Since tuition fee benefits for UBC faculty and staff may differ depending on your employee group, please visit the UBC Human Resources Benefits website for information on your eligibility. Do not register for a course prior to submitting your tuition waiver.

See also our Refund and Cancellation, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policies.