Learning Opportunities for Seniors

A lecturer and a student speaking one-on-one in a classroom

We are looking forward to offering One Day @ UBC, One Week @ UBC and UBC Elder Scholar in person in 2022. We invite you to explore UBC Academic Explorations, online and interactive lecture series that allow you to learn from wherever you are.

Engage with others who share your love of learning. Our non-credit liberal arts and science courses are designed to enrich your life with exploration, discussion and discovery.

UBC Academic Explorations

UBC Academic Explorations are entertaining and informative online courses on an ever-changing line-up of topics by UBC experts, professors and instructors from across faculties and departments. Choose from a wide variety of courses, each featuring six live online lectures that you can watch from anywhere. More on UBC Academic Explorations

UBC Elder Scholar

UBC Elder Scholar courses are designed to meet the needs of retired and semi-retired adults, but are open to all adult learners. Course formats include lectures and walking tours. UBC Elder Scholar courses are offered in the fall and winter terms at the UBC Vancouver campus.

Lectures are offered in the daytime at Tapestry Wesbrook Village, in classes ranging from 20 to 60 students. Walking tours take learning to the streets of Vancouver to delve into specific aspects of local history with an expert guide. More on UBC Elder Scholar

One Hour @ UBC

One Hour @ UBC is a limited series of free online lectures launched in 2020 that offer perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from some of UBC’s leading experts in healthcare, politics, sociology, education, history, ethics and more – and take away a few lessons for your own life. More on One Hour @ UBC

One Day @ UBC

Offered on Saturdays in the fall and winter terms at the UBC Vancouver campus, these single-day courses provide easy and affordable access to top experts in their field and the small class size ensures ample opportunities for discussion. More on One Day @ UBC

One Week @ UBC (formerly Ageless Pursuits)

Offered in the first three weeks of June, participants meet on the UBC Vancouver campus for one, two or three individual weeks of stimulating lectures, lively discussion and shared enquiry. Courses take place each morning, Monday to Friday, and are open to adult learners of all ages. More on One Week @ UBC

Languages Courses

Conversational courses in nine languages for adult learners of all ages. More on Languages Courses

UBC Credit Courses

The University of British Columbia currently offers seniors (65 and older) the opportunity to take most UBC credit (degree related) courses for general interest, free of application, tuition or student fees. Some conditions apply. Find out more about these UBC credit courses by viewing the Access Studies section of the UBC Student Services website. Note that this is not applicable to UBC Extended Learning non-credit courses.