Summer Intensive Translation and Interpretation (SITI) Academic Program


Summer 2017

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In today’s global economy, translators and interpreters are valued for their ability to communicate words, ideas, and concepts across cultures. The Summer Intensive Translation and Interpretation (SITI) Academic Program prepares you to pursue a career in this exciting field. The program is designed to enhance your fluency and prepare you to work successfully in international and intercultural environments.

  • Delivered in an intensive three- or four-week format
  • Requires fluency in English and Chinese
  • Focus is on classroom work, theory, practice, and cultural experiences
  • Increases bilingual fluency and builds foundational translation and interpretation skills
  • Enhances cultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills in a Canadian context
  • Improves your confidence in an English environment
  • Choose to stay on the scenic UBC campus located in one of the most beautiful and multicultural cities in the world

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