CID Participant Feedback

Read what others have had to say about the UBC Certificate in International Development (CID).

"The program has helped me make the career change that I have been longing to make. It allowed me to return to [the field of] international development that I had left for various reasons. Now I am combining international development with the work that I have done in the mining industry to focus on social responsibility issues in mining. As a result, I have just started my own consulting firm to bridge the community, government and industry perspectives to support responsible and sustainable community work in the regions where mining companies are exploring."

"The CID program has been very influential in regards to the choices I have made. For example, my thesis for my MBA program was a consulting project for an international development organization; the deliverable included evaluating the socio-economic impact of their operations in Uganda."

"The most valuable contribution of this [course] was challenging longstanding misconceptions. In the beginning of the [course] I was so skeptical that I expected to receive the traditional messianic discourse of [international development]. Instead, I met experienced people within the field that are aware about the benefits and limits of those projects."

"[It] helped to broaden my perspective in international development... and also helped me in obtaining the position in the first place."

"The material on proposal writing helped me feel a lot more comfortable when talking with one of the project directors about looking for funding back in Canada. Also, the material on good governance, participatory planning etc., was a big help with my application to a CUSO job in Chile as I was able to talk the language and demonstrate an awareness of international development issues."

"The course material has certainly helped me to observe things from a broader perspective and notice elements that I might not have otherwise."

"I enjoyed the feedback and discursive aspect too - everyone can speak their opinions and we're all richer for it. It feels more like a group effort."

"I'm very happy with the course work and what I've learned. Also, there are many more sources I know of now from which I can continue researching if I want."

"I'd say that my confidence in the sense of added knowledge and understanding has grown. Combined with an opportunity that's come up, it's led me to go for a volunteer experience with AIDS patients in Africa and find out first-hand if I really have in me what's needed to do international aid work."

"Found it to be an EXCELLENT introductory course! Should be a "required" course for anyone interested in spending some time abroad (about Introduction to International Development)."

"It has encouraged me to consider the responsibility and impact that my actions can have on the international community. It has highlighted some of the key ideas and powers that exist within the elusive world of caring for people across borders (geographical, political, cultural)."

"Besides the course content, which really pinpointed areas of my naiveté and misunderstanding, I loved the discussion format - it was even better than a classroom or small team format. After I completed each assignment, I would read through the others' postings and immediately learn what I missed in my analysis. Typically, what I gained the most was in perspective. We each spoke from a point of reference specific to our individual training and field experience, which really deepened the learning experience in a way that would not be achieved by doing the assignments alone."

"I definitely feel better prepared for working in this field at this moment in time, than at any prior moment, including when I was in the field!"

"Working online was great, as we all have different schedules, so we can do assignments when we are able to. It is also very good for people who are not in Vancouver who want to take the course! It gives more people the opportunity."

"Actually between the course work and [the instructor’s] feedback to all of us, I'm actually more confident than ever that I can make a difference, not just on the ground but in dealing with the professionals - we laypeople have a lot to offer."

"I find that now I know a bit more about the different fields of international development, and now I know exactly which field I would like to be a part of."

"It has allowed me to see how staggering some of the statistics are and it’s definitely got me geared towards a deeper career in international health."

"I now have a great appreciation of people involved in ID work. I found the assignments very useful as it increased my knowledge and understanding of some health issues affecting the poor countries and the prevalence of poverty in Africa and Asia and its effects. It has made me more determined to complete the certificate program and look into opportunities to serve the poor in Africa or Asia."

"I think it is an important course and should be one of the compulsory courses for a CID. As I have seen in the other courses and in this one as well, health issues are integral to development work and I think everyone should have at least an introduction to the problems from the health side, not just looking over to it from the social side. So, thanks for having this course as part of the program and, more importantly, for having it open to the non-medical students, like myself. Now, at least, I have a broader perspective and better appreciation for the pervasiveness of the medical issues."

“During the course, I did an international move from Brazil to Chile, maintained my Executive level job, supported my husband and child, and did two business trips from Chile to Canada. Although this was challenging to fit in the research -- the online structure of the course is INVALUABLE and allowed me to achieve this course, where traditional in-class course would be impossible."