UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies – Participant Feedback

Read what others have had to say about the UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies.

"I thought that my 'on-the-job' intercultural experiences gave me enough insights to be able to communicate something which I now understand is a much more complex and layered topic. It deserves a more thoughtful approach. The bottom line is that although it may be a tough sell to get managers and HR people focused on this topic, the benefits to the organization are well worth the time and money invested."

Karen Query, Human Resources consultant, KPJ Consulting

"Following the completion of this course, I am astounded by how much my own perception and perspectives have changed. Because I am more aware, I have become more tolerant of different cultures' views…I am definitely a changed person!"

Kate Ingram, Vancouver, BC

"Next week I will be running my first pre-departure training on my own. I just wanted to tell you that I am using…the skills, modules and methods learned during this course - without it I would never have been [able] to do this well."

Paolo Bernasconi, Adviser, Cinfo - Center for Information, Advice and Training for Professions relating to International Cooperation

"One of the things this course has done is increase my sensitivity to the cultural values that often influence our behavior and how others see us and we see each other. This awareness will certainly allow me to step back and consider cultural differences before situations of conflict occur. In addition, in a more proactive sense, we are considering intercultural training for our staff and those joining our organization from other cultures, such as China."

Dave Byng, Assistant Deputy Minister-Regional Client Services Division, Integrated Land Management Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

"As I begin this [program] I am asking myself: Why didn't I take this course earlier in life? What made me think that I was 'well equipped' with the knowledge I had going into various intercultural situations? I never appreciated that an academic approach or model was missing until now when I step back and reflect on my learning from the seminar…I feel as though I am opening up my own Pandora's box when I recall the many intercultural misunderstandings that might have turned out differently had I only been privy to such tools."

Mindy Bratvold, Coordinator - Student Exchange, Alberta Education