Game Writing Academy


"The Academy not only teaches you the fundamentals of interactive writing, it teaches you about the practices, processes, and people in the gaming industry."
Sean Smillie
Instructor, Game Writing Academy

The Game Writing Academy is coming to an end. Starting July 2019, we will be offering our six game writing courses one more time each – three courses in the summer and three in the fall. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to take courses that interest you, or to complete any requirements toward your UBC Award of Achievement in Game Writing. Students who have completed all six courses and who wish to apply to graduate from the Award of Achievement must submit their request to graduate by December 15, 2019.

Even games with the most cutting-edge graphics and action can fail to deliver if the characters and storylines are not compelling. Develop your writing for interactive media and the gaming industry with this series of hands-on, online courses. No coding experience required!

Whether you have experience working in video games, designing narrative, or writing for other media, or are interested in learning new approaches to interactive storytelling, you will benefit from this program'’s specific concentration on narrative, dialogue, writing for cut scenes, and character development.

Get an insider's view into the gaming studio system not found in other programs. Learn the writing and production processes used in game creation from an industry veteran, and understand the writer’s role on a game development team. With each course, you build a portfolio of game writing, and the confidence and know-how to pitch your work and gain a foothold in this dynamic industry.

  • Delivered 100% online
  • Full program consists of six courses
  • Option to take full program of individual courses
  • Costs approximately $3,700
  • Register for courses at your own pace

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