Meet John, Senior Monitor, UBC Future Global Leaders 2019


John summarized his time as a senior monitor with UBC Future Global Leaders in two words: community and connections.

Whether it was helping a shy student make friends, supporting and encouraging his staff, or building bridges between the live-in student monitors and program coordinators, John experienced it all.

“UBC Future Global Leaders has been an amazing experience. The students and staff are from across Canada and different parts of the world. Getting to make connections and building the community here has been an awesome experience.”

As a senior monitor, John led a team of 10 live-in monitors. “It was a really cool experience because I got to hang out with the students while helping my staff with their day-to-day responsibilities and build their confidence in leading students. It has been a really rewarding experience as I got to see how the program works as a whole.”

Best memory of FGL 2019: “The team atmosphere. It’s kind of like a home away from home.”

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