Meet Brooke, Student Monitor, UBC Future Global Leaders 2019


Brooke came to UBC Future Global Leaders 2019 for an opportunity to work full-time with youth in a diverse and vibrant city.

Not only did she have the opportunity to experience Vancouver as a live-in student monitor, she got to work with a group of students as diverse as the city she was working in.

“The best part of the summer was all the connections I made with both students and staff,” says Brooke. “It has also been rewarding to create a positive space where students feel welcome and safe to ask me for advice.”

As a monitor, Brooke has learned about being versatile and adaptable to new situations. While she came to UBC Future Global Leaders with these skills, her experiences gave her extra confidence in putting those skills into action.

Her advice to future monitors? “If you want to be a live-in monitor, there is a place for you. Because we work as a team, there’s room for everyone, no matter what your skill set is.”

Best memory of FGL 2019: Taking students to Rain or Shine Ice Cream on the first day of class, then taking them back on the last day to talk about what they learned during the program.

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