UBC Award of Achievement Program

Students in a UBC Extended Learning French class, along with their instructor Magali Blanc, talk about their experiences.

This Award of Achievement program will be discontinued effective March 2022. We’re no longer accepting applications, and have contacted students registered in this program. If you’re a student and have not heard from us by now, please contact us. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your education goals and ensure you can reach them.

Being able to communicate across cultures is key to understanding our multicultural world. In bilingual Canada, as in many other parts of the world, speaking even a little French allows you to engage more effectively with French-speaking friends, neighbours, colleagues or clients.

The UBC Award of Achievement in French enhances your knowledge of francophone cultures, prepares you for travel or increases your career opportunities. You gain insight into another culture and way of thinking, enhancing your cross-cultural skills and your ability to adapt to different cultural and linguistic situations.

The UBC Award of Achievement in French is a part-time program that offers you the opportunity to improve your skills in one of Canada's official languages.

  • Delivered part-time either 100% online or in a combination of in-class and online
  • Requires completion of a minimum of four courses
  • Program costs between CAD$1,550 and CAD$1,975
  • Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
  • After this program you can expect to have a basic foundation in French language and confidence in using French every day

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